YUN YUN SUN is an indie jewelry brand based and produced in Taipei, Taiwan. Designer and co-founder Aimee Yun Yun Sun launched her eponymous jewelry collection in 2006. She has since built a cult following with her young, fun, and bold designs.

As a socialite and a widely celebrated fashion figure by both her fans and the media, Aimee Sun has an acute sense of style and a keen eye for trends. Aimee Sun draws inspiration from her personal life, pop culture, and her travels around the world. Her passion for the different facets of jewelry - from vintage, costume, to fine jewelry - drives her to create an eclectic jewelry collection.

The best-selling collection NONSENSE brings a playful side to jewelry. Every phrase represents a personal message or conveys the mood of the moment. In 2016, a high-end NONSENSE collection was introduced. The collection is offered solid 18k gold with diamonds and precious stones, offering the same playfulness with a touch of luxury.

YUN YUN SUN is now sold worldwide and has won over the hearts of A-list celebrities and social media influencers, such as Angelababy, Aimee Song, Carina Lau, Dee Hsu, Elva Hsiao, and Show Luo.