Some Fashion Tips and Tricks

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The YUN YUN SUN brand was established in 2006.  Its co-founder and designer, with whom it shares its name, driven by the passion of fine jewelry and fashion, decided to follow a dream and face a new and passionate adventure.


Aimee Yun Yun Sun has been the creative force behind the brand since day one, immersing herself in every step of the brand’s creative and strategic decision-making process.  She was born in Taipei, Taiwan and grew up surrounded by entertainers, designers, and influencers.  She developed an appreciation for fashion at an early age – with a deep fascination for creating her own look.


NONSENSE, our best selling collection, brings fun and humor to daily wear.  Each NONSENSE piece represents a personality or expresses a feeling with a word, a phrase, or a sentence.  In 2016, we added NONSENSE fine jewelry collection to give our fans more options with black/ white diamonds or colored precious stones.


YUN YUN SUN is now sold worldwide and has won over the hearts of A-list celebrities and social media influencers, such as Angelababy, Amiee Song, Carina Lau, Dee Hsu, Elva Hsiao, Show Luo…etc.

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